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Workplace Wellness

Improve Employee Retention & Productivity

 Have you seen an increase in 401K loans?

​ Are Your Employees Stressed
About Their Financial Situation?

I help organizations tackle one of the biggest challenges their workforce faces: financial stress. My goal is to support companies in creating a healthier, more engaged,

and more productive workforce through improved financial well-being.

92% of workers are stressed about their finances, 37% of workers have accessed money in their retirement plan, and 13 hours of productivity are lost per

employee on a monthly basis due to financial concerns.



My financial empowerment program helps your employees learn how to better manage their paychecks and achieve their financial goals, which will help improve your bottom-line.​


I don't simply use a presentation. My role is to facilitate activities and discussions designed to help employees improve their thoughts and behaviors around money management. Topics include: Money Mindset, Writing a Personal Vision Statement, Creating Financial Goal Statements, and Developing a Cash-flow System/Budgeting.​


Let's Connect

Do you currently include a financial aspect in your corporate wellness benefits package beyond Investing & Retirement? Does it consist of employee engagement, and working on financial behaviors and skills? I can customize workshops to meet your specific needs. Schedule a no-obligation complimentary consultation to learn more.

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