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Have a Plan to Responsibly
Manage Your Money

Enjoy the financial freedom of doing the things you love with the people you love!

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Schedule FREE consultation

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Create a custom plan

Step 3

We execute the plan

Step 4

Achieve financial freedom


Are you drowning in debt and don't see a way out?

Are You Clueless About Where
Your Money is Going?

I’m Dr. Thembi Aquil, the Founder of Sensible Living. We’re a Financial Wellness company specializing in discovering your money story, financial trauma, and money mindset. Are you constantly stressing about money running out before the month does? I've been there and climbed out, and now I use my experience and expertise to help people just like you navigate the often-overwhelming world of personal finance.


Sensible Living offers personalized financial strategies to help you conquer money worries, enabling you to enjoy life with the ones you love. We work with people 1:1 on their personal and business finances. We also work with companies to provide financial wellness workshops. Let's make your financial worries a thing of the past!

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“ It was scary not having any savings in place. I was also not ‘paying myself’ or able to see any rewards from my hard work. Thembi suggested great savings plans, such as high yield savings accounts, as well as best practices of paying down debt. I am more cognizant of my money spending habits and feel more comfortable and less worried about money. I am less impulsive in my spending and make better decisions. ”

Lisa H.

Have the Money You Need When You Need It

Many people feel stressed because they go to work every day and they're not able to pay their bills. At Sensible Living Coaching, I provide you with expert financial strategies so you don't have to worry about your money running out before the month does, and you now have the freedom to do the things you love with the people you love.


Increase your confidence

Be able to do things you enjoy in life

Be at peace when paying bills, knowing there’ll be money left over

Have money saved for a down payment to purchase a home

You can take the kids to Disney World, and not have to put it on a credit card

When your friends invite you for lunch, you’ll say yes, without worrying about if you can pay the bill


92% of workers are stressed about their finances, 37% of workers have accessed money in their retirement plan, and 13 hours of productivity are lost per

employee on a monthly basis due to financial concerns.


My Clients Are
Confident Decision-makers

I understand how it feels to be standing in the grocery line at the supermarket and have to check different bank accounts to see if I have enough money to feed my family. Many of my clients have struggled to pay their bills on time. I’ve taught countless people how to stop going over their budget and responsibly manage their money.


Financial Coaching

We will create a customized plan and address any beliefs you have about money, budgeting, and credit that may be contributing to your financial worries. You will get a renewed mindset and boost of confidence about managing your money.


Workplace Wellness

Empower your team with financial wellness workshops; a proven pathway to boost productivity, reduce absenteeism, and create a happier, more financially confident workplace.

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Speaking & Webinars

Ready to spark meaningful conversations about financial wellness? I'm eager to share my insights and expertise through webinars, college forums, and professional association events. Let's connect and make a difference together!

“ Dr. Aquil is a talented financial wellness coach who provides content and tips in an easily digestible format. Our team was so pleased to walk away from her first session with tasks to improve their financial health, that we immediately found additional groups and topics for her return visits. Highly recommended! ”

Sabrina J.

Your Plan to a Great Financial Future

Here's how it works:

Step 2

Create a customized plan

Step 1

Schedule a FREE consultation

Step 3

We execute the plan

Step 4

Achieve financial freedom

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